Max A Hatter

Turbanesques- the story

I am a musician and a hatter. I was buying and tweaking hats from around the world before teaching myself to become a hatter. I now offer a broad range of handmade, unisex hats and caps inspired by different cultures and trends from across the globe: The elevated bowlers of the Bolivian Cholitas, the beaver hats of the Jamaican Uptown Rockers, the sturdy brimmed Gurkahs, the prominent headwear of the the Fulani, the majestically towering Mahallas, worn by the Yemeni women. These are just handful of inspirations. There are many, many more....

For added stature and comfort each hat is fitted with detachable cushioning or a small turban, thus TURBANESQUES. These hats will sit a little higher than usual (you want to be seen don't you?) but you can wear these pieces as you like; the cushioning will take care of that.

I collaborate with painters, collagists, jewellery makers, furniture designers, and Maasai beaders, incorporating their crafts and traditions into the hat designs.

Materials: I work with felt, faux fur, straw, cotton, wax prints, gold leaf, bead, feathers, embroidery and anything that can be used as an embellishment. 

My studio is based on 'Johnsons Island' in West London. And yes, it actually sits on a tiny island between the river Brent and the Grand Union Canal next to Thames. If you love a hat drop by.

Message me: max [!at] 

or call +44(0) 7779 575733

Photos by: Michael Liburd
Logo: Jon Daniel

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